Abbott’s Limousine had a great fourth of July this year in Berkshire county this years, warm weather, fireworks, and of course James Taylor, what could be better. Stockbridge bowl was a busy lake on the 4th filled with kayaks, canoes, speed boats, pontoons and even a very creative homemade pontoon boat made out of two kayaks and mattress, what a clever way to watch the fireworks on the water and be comfortable at the same time. James Taylor played many great songs including sweet baby James, Carolina in my mind and how sweet it is this year on the 4th then was followed by a great display of fireworks that could even be seen from Stockbridge Bowl. This is just the beginning of summers at Tanglewood, we have heard Earth wind and fire, James Taylor, of course the classic Boston Pops; but soon to follow Train the pop band performing their latest music from “Save me San Francisco” on august 8th for the first time ever at tanglewood, they will also be playing at New York State fair on August 25th in Syracuse New York. Steely Dan on July 26th, and even some classic Mozart and Mahler music on July 29th.And of course many other great musicians everyone can’t wait to get out and hear the great music this summer with their families and friends!

Abbott’s Limousine recommends to check out Tanglewoods summer schedule for many more great performances at the BSO site

Look At where Train Will be touring this Summer: Train Events   [pinit]

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