Abbott’s Limo is takeing note and passing the word on about the Berkshire Botanical Gardens hosts the Harvest Festival this year showcasing and promoting many products produced in the Berkshires like local grown produce, crafts, baked goods, cheese and more.

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The festival will be on October 2nd and 3rd from 10am to 5pm each day. There will be demonstrations, workshops, and just a bunch of great people to network with to gain some information about the loves of hobbyists and professionals both. Sounds like a great place to share like interests and have a great time.

There will be kids activities and entertainment like pony rides, hay ride, animals, games and more as well as entertainment and live music for adults. I don’t think you can beat this for only $10 a car load or a Limousine load.

There will be a fund raiser to support the Berkshire Botanical Gardens from the sales of pies and butternut bisque donated by The Red Lion Inn. The food court will offer Greek fare, smoked ribs, bratwurst, fried dough, curly potatoes, and barbecue.

This year there will be a pumpkin art contest for all ages and a multitude of categories for more information about this you may call Judy Boschetti at 413-298-3926. The proceeds from the event will benefit and support Berkshire Botanical Garden and it’s educational programming. You may contact the garden at 413-298-3926, you can visit them on-line at

Show your support by going and having a great time at another Berkshire event, As always Abbott’s Limo is ready and available, for your transportation needs, reserve your ride today! See ya there!