Tanglewood’s 2011 Boston to Lenox Relay Race
Kicking off the Tanglewood season on June 24 – June 25 2011
Abbott’s Limousine is available to shuttle teams, just contact us.

If you are a runner or are interested in hanging out with an awesome crowd check out the Tanglewood Relay Run it’s a 24-hour relay run from Symphony Hall in Boston, MA to Tanglewood in Lenox, MA. This is run each summer on the eve of the kick off to the Tanglewood season. There are 30 different legs to this relay. Runners have teams and take turns running a leg of the relay over the 24-hour period. Teams are made up of 10 to 14 runners, each runner will run up to 3 legs each of the relay. The purpose of the relay is twofold, to bring exposure and announce the beginning of the Tanglewood season, as well as to raise money to support the education and youth activities at the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

The relay is the brainchild of the Boston Symphony Orchestra musicians Todd Seeber ~ bass and James Cooke ~ violin who are both active runners and had the need to show people how close Tanglewood is to Boston. Todd Seeber said “If we can run to Tanglewood in 24 hours, then anybody can drive 2 hours to enjoy a concert,”. Over that last two years, the relay has grown from 15 runners to 40 runners, and this year, the Tanglwood Relay Run expects to see over 70 participants, pretty awesome.

If you would like to see the route, you can view the details of the different legs here View the Route to see a list of all 30 legs of the relay. Each leg is mapped out using Tanglewood Relay.com services. Runners can access maps, directions and detailed elevations of each leg. If you have questions about the relay try the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) first. Any other questions that you have and are unanswered you can email them at this address info@TanglewoodRelay.com

Of course Abbott’s Limo is available for your transportation needs as always. Have a fantastic time at this event!