The Berkshires group page on FaceBook is reporting that there will be a benefit event coming up that will help out non-profits like FODfest, The Railroad St Youth Project, Greenagers, and The International Day of Peace/Pathways to Peace. Abbott’s Limousine is there!

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They have an awesome line-up that includes some of the Berkshires Finest home-grown musicians at the Mahaiwe Theater in Great Barrington, MA. This will be the 7th annual 7th Annual Jordan Loder and Friends
Reunion Concert to be held on Sunday, December 26 at 7PM.

The musicians that will be preforming are:
Meg Hutchinson, One Straw Revolution, Jordan Lader and Friends, Ian Stewart, Higher Organix, and the special guests will include: Bob, Sue, and Max MacVeety, Todd Mack, Rob Sanzone, Wanda Houston, mrlei, Sean Barry, Peter Putnam, Rob Kelly, Jeff Stevens, Charlie Tokarz, Jay Galarneau, Jennifer Schulthiess, Jon Suters, Matt Kelly, Tyler Gasek, The Aposoul, Will Curtiss, Michael Johnson, Will Conklin and more!

This is quite the lineup starting with a meet and greet in the Mahaiwe promenade with special tickets. There will also be a post-show wine and cheese to help out the benefits also. All tickets and pricing can be found on the Mahaiwe Theater web site.

You can find this awesome event posted on the facebook event page, 7th Annual Jordan Lader and Friends Reunion Concert

Abbott’s Limousine and Livery Service is taking reservations now for this event you can find our contact information to reserve yourself or group a ride right on the site here. We wish everyone well and for a fantastic new year, see you soon!