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Abbott’s Limousine is head for the hills!  As if on cue for those starving for great ski conditions, winter has finally arrived with a fury here in The Berkshires.  The snow is light and dry and will make for excellent corduroy on the groomed slopes of Catamount, Ski Butternut, Bosquet and Jiminy Peak this weekend.

Here are some photos of the local landscape taken Wednesday afternoon toward the end of the first wave of this storm front. As usual Abbott’s Limousine is on alert and ready to safely tend to your travel needs with our experienced chauffeurs, we are ready.

As you can see, we’ve received roughly five inches so far, the countryside has a frosted winter-wonderland appearance, and the forecast is calling for several more inches of accumulation (there was not a flake of snow on the ground this morning).

Ski Butternut offers one of the best family-friendly ski and snow sports facilities on the east coast.  Catamount and Jiminy offer a larger measure of challenging terrain for experienced and advanced skiers and Bosquet has night skiing.

The winter storm also opens up possibilities for some of the other winter activities we’ve blogged about before- cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, skating and ice fishing.

When you’ve had your fill of exercise, there’s no shortage of things to do after dark too.  There are myriad choices for après-ski spa treatment throughout the area, and there is an almost unparalleled lineup of superb restaurants for dining.  Nightlife, from fireside-rustic to hip-and-trendy, abounds in the towns of Pittsfield, Lenox, Stockbridge, and Great Barrington MA.

It’s time to come out to The Berkshires and get your fill of winter.  Let Abbott’s Limousine and Livery Service help you plan your visit and assist you with your travel needs to, from, and around the Berkshires.