[pinit]Abbott’s Limo is proud to announce our involvement in the first annual Berkshire Cycling Classic. The start and finish of the race will be in Lenox Massachusetts on May 6th 2012. Sparta Cycling is promoting the race under the sanctions of USA Cycling whom is the governing body for all competitive cycling in the United States, and part of the UCI (International Cycling Union) this is huge for the Berkshires.

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Berkshire Cycle Classic Lenox MA.

Image provided by: Berkshire Cycling Classic Cyclosportif

The cycling route will consist of two different route selections one is 62 miles (100K) Here is a map for the 100K Berkshire Cycling route and the other cycling route is 81 miles (130K) Here is a map for the 130K Berkshire Cycling route. The times for each route will be recorded and ranked according to age groups. A bonus for participating in the Berkshire Cycling Classic is, the teams that achieve the lowest cumulative time for the 130K event will earn a free entry into the famous Harlem Skyscraper Classic in New York City on June 17th, and also will be invited back next year to the Berkshire Cycling Classic in 2013 with no entry fee, so if you want to participate, you can go online to get Cannondale Topstone bikes for participating in these events and others.

The Berkshire Cycling Classic under the UCI (International Cycling Union has a whole new dimension to this Berkshire County race. Just the fact that anyone of any caliber from beginner to expert can participate and experience this true UCI racecourse and literally test themselves against the best riders in their age group this level race is incredible. To quote John Eustice, the race producer “For a race or just a ride, you decide”. So if you want to just ride with your family and friends in the Berkshire Mountains for fun or put a little more into it and qualify for the UCI World Cycling Tour either way it’s definitely an experience of a lifetime, since cycling is something everyone is doing now a days, even people with physical difficulties since they can get an e-bike or convert the one bike they already have, with an ebike conversion kit so they can practice this sport as well.


Eric Zable Berkshire Cycle Classic Berkshires MA.

Image provided by: Berkshire Cycling Classic Cyclosportif

Just a little about the featured veteran racer Erik Zabel is a German who has over 200 professional wins in the cycling world. Eric has won an incredible six consecutive green jerseys at the Tour de France between 1996 and 200, and three times (2002-2004) as well as winning Italy’s most famed racing classic, Milano–San Remo, four times.. Eric is more than a legend in the cycling world with all these accomplishments; he has retired from professional racing in 2008, this is all the more reason to take a shot at beating him in the 1st Annual Berkshire Cycling Classic. You can see many more details about Erick Zable’s career on Wickipedia

A little bit about Lenox MA. located in the Berkshire Mountains Lenox is 2.5 hours from Boston and 3 hours from New York City, amazingly enough the drive from Montreal Canada is only 5 or 6 hours. Lenox MA. is accessible to several major metropolitan areas. It’s rural setting attracts many international tourists looking for a quality unique American experience. Accommodations and dinning are plentiful in Lenox and the surrounding area if you simply Google “hotels near Lenox Massachusetts” You will find this to be true.

You can find all the information you need on the Berkshire Cycling Classic website.

Registration for the Berkshire Cycling Classic event can be done online if you click Registration for Berkshire Cycling Classic.

Abbott’s Limousine has firsthand information about the Berkshire Cycling Classic event because we will be transporting Eric Zable from New York City to Lenox after the Night with Eric Zable event in New York City. You can get the same information at Rockstarz Limo website. What an honor to be able to participate in this way for this event.

Course Marshal Volunteers are needed for the race course to get specifics and contact information and Volunteer form visit this page on the Berkshire Cycling Classic  website.

If you are a cycling enthusiast or know people that are consider participating in this event or pass the word on. This event is one not to be missed. See you there!