The Berkshire Visitors Bureau celebrated their 75th anniversary. Their annual meeting and marketing showcase took place at Cranwell Resort, Spa & Golf Club. The theme of Thanksgiving set the stage for a major announcement of Bureau partnering with Berkshire Farm & Table in 2014 that includes new funds from the State. More than 180 tourism related business leaders were present to elect new members to the Berkshire Visitors Bureau. Some of the new members included Scott Shortt of the Kemble Inn, Michele Kotek of the Red Lion Inn, and Van Shields of the Berkshire Museum, thank you and congratulations.

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cranwell winter

Cranwell Resort, Spa and Golf Club

Taste of the Berkshires is getting a new campaign enhanced with funds from the MA Office of Travel and Tourism. Working together with Berkshire Farm & Table the marketing campaign will focus on the Berkshires as the ultimate destination for food experiences year round. The statistics from a survey taken by the Travel Industry Association, the International Culinary Tourism Association, and Gourmet magazine reveal in a February 2007 survey 17% or 27 million people in the prior 3 years specifically vacation with culinary and wine-related activities on their agenda.

cranwell ballroom

Cranwell Ballroom

The Berkshire Visitors Bureau has committed to do a branding campaign on Pandora Radio in the spring of 2014 to an estimated 4 million people in New York City and Boston. This month long branding campaign for the Berkshires will be the first that any Massachusetts county has been involved in. This is huge news for the local economy. A staunch supporter of the local food movement, Brian added “To eat and buy locally is to sustain and nourish a community and its landscape for future generations to enjoy. This is my way of giving thanks and respect to those who provide our food with love, care and skill.” The more people that get involved, support, and take action the better off the Berkshires as a whole will be. What can you do?

All of the BVB members will be asked to participate by focusing on their use of locally sourced products throughout the year. Components of the campaign include increased visibility via food bloggers visiting the region and a presence at several food-related events in the Boston and NY area. If you have a website to expose your favorites take the time to post about them, get involved and expose this awesome movement.

The Berkshire Visitors Bureau is the official destination marketing organization for Berkshire County (like the marketing business mentioned in site), representing more than 680 area businesses. The Bureau is dedicated to promoting the Berkshires as a premiere year-round travel destination and providing free, comprehensive information to maximize visitor spending in the region.

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For more information you can also check out Berkshire Creative.