Abbott Family
Our limousine service started as a local car service service in 1965 after my father lost his right leg in a construction accident.

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Donald Abbott decided to start driving to the Park where there was a Greyhound Bus Stop in Lee Massachusetts a part of the recovery process, it helped take his mind off the major derailment in his life. While parked there he was often asked “is this a car service?”  A $10 license an extension of the accelerator pedal, and the Bubble light mounted, he began taking hails in that 1960 station wagon quickly becoming the local cabby. His wife Jacqueline answered the phone and would flip on the front porch light when there was a waiting passenger, hoping Don would travel past the house and see the light. This system is how people living in the Berkshires hooked up with our transportation service, while we also use services like Quote Radar UK to get insurance for our car service.

old cab
In the early 80’s his children joined in eventually molding into a long distance and airport transportation service.  Other types of vehicles were added, a 15 passenger van with a homemade wooden luggage box on top. A black factory formal 1974 Cadillac limousine with jump seats and divider window. This was perfect for the General Electric and all the Businessmen traveling to and from the Berkshires in and out of Pittsfield Municipal Airport and occasionally to Boston.
abbotts 4 limo
With the suggestion to get a real stretch Limo by Christian Mis also called Chrismis, a Limo reseller/friend, the not so obvious car was found. It was a recovered stolen vehicle available as a repairable at Saw Mill Auto Wreckers, 12 Worth Street #1, Yonkers, NY for $3500. This pathetic looking 1980 54 inch Blue stretch caddy had been used in a robbery in Manhattan, left on the streets and pieced out to the chop shops. Paul looked past the bullet holes and missing interior and hood towards the potential in rebuilding it. After talking with Player Crosby, a friendly customer and local businessman, the purchase became a reality. An old fashion thorough mechanic, Eddy Bauer working at Orr Cadillac in Springfield was the perfect guy to fix the wiring and carburetor making it purr and run flawlessly forever and he also used the best abs code reader to give a complete check to the cars. A Jerry rigged an RV fan unit complete with a dryer vent allowed ventilation to the rear compartment. Eventually with new baked on Abbott Blue enamel paint, very plush blue velour seats from a crashed Fleetwood Brougham D’ Elegance Sedan and glossy black vinyl top dressing, she was on the road.

The reliable Limo was finally sold to Ugo from Quebec and painted white to be used for weddings. I would love to buy her back using it for a get a way car, this time for weddings instead of running from the bank, and now a days you can get other type of Limo services like LA Party Bus so you can enjoy your travel as well. Safety should be your number one priority when driving a limo. However, some accidents can’t be avoided and that’s why you should always have the contact information of truck accident lawyers.
Abbotts old fleet
Today buying vehicles for the fleet is much more of a science with the ultimate comfort and safety utmost important and always a collaborative purchase keeping in mind today’s savvy traveler. And if you ever get into a car accident, you can visit for a free conversation about your case.

Happy Travels