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All of the Limousine Industry community is invited to participate in a newly developed Twitter Chat. It’s simple to join the Chat with the hash tag #Limochat.


Every Wednesday evening 10PM EST.
Limousine Taxi and Transportation Companies realize a new avenue to connect with hot topics in their trade. All companies, from Mom and Pops, to large worldwide services are not only welcome but encouraged to offer their insight here.

Customer service is on the agenda for the upcoming chat, tackling crucial techniques for continued success. Add your thoughts, concerns, expertise and learn from others during these challenging and revolutionary times and benefit from your involvement at the same time.
This week’s topic: Customer Service

1. What is the number one thing your customers have learned to anticipate with your service.
2. How do you re-enforce the importance of customer service to your support staff? To your Chauffeur Partners?
3. What other companies model do you admire for customer service?
4. Is there any situation where the customer isn’t right? How do you handle it?
5. How do you track customer’s feedback and suggestions? How important are Yelp, Google + ratings to you in regards to customer service?

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