Abbott’s Limo rolled back into Lee MA. for the last but definitely not least stop. The destination of our final leg of this great journey was Pumpkin Patch Quilts. Sue the owner, along with her wonderfully informative partners, explained some of the standout Quilts. I was blown away at her enthusiasm and learned a great deal about behind the scene Quilt making. I wonder how many men are actually interested in this quilting phenomena, it’s kind of interesting to me.

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Quilters Shop Hop Via Abbotts Limousine

Although we were late in accordance to the Massachusetts Quilt Shop Hop posted hours 9am to 7pm, our 7:45pm arrival was meet by a warm welcome. Some hot Tomato Bisque and Pumpkin cream soup was available under a tent. Once inside the deals were to be had in the form of some 5 dollar items, making the trip here well worth it. Not only had fun but I also got an education with some pretty terrific people to escort.

Painted Quilt