October will always be a special month for me. The most significant event of my lifetime took place back in 1986 on October 17th. I had been waiting for the big day for about a year, so when it finally arrived, it was very special. To make things more interesting, my new wife and I were moving to Arizona from Massachusetts the following week. Talk about a toll on the family’s involved! If I only knew then what I know now, I think I would have just stayed put in the Berkshires.

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Upon moving to Scottsdale Arizona, I was extremely happy to being starting over in a land of opportunities with the love of my life. As fun as it was for us, it must have been heartbreaking for all the parents involved. Well to make a long story short, Arizona had changed over the coarse of time since I had seen it, into a much bigger, less desert and more concrete of a place. My loving wife, although scared, was always supportive and tried very hard to overcome the obstacles of big city living. Although we finally came back to the Berkshires, our memories about that first year together are some of the finest.

It is the October of 1987 snow storm that welcomed us back to the Berkshires. We had a record snowfall of 8 inches. I guess someone had a way of letting us know that the weather here would be unpredictable, and that we had better get used to it. Presently, I think of our wedding day most often during the month of October. The air smells so fresh, the leaves are so brilliant and the grass is still green. All we would have needed to enhance this day would be to add a fancy date like we had recently on 10/10/10.

Being the son of a Limousine business owner, I could have had all the Limousines out of our fleet for free, on our wedding day. But having my mind set on something more exotic and romantic, I opted for a Rolls Royce Antique. For this I had to hire one from another town, so had taken their word that it was nice. The Antique turned out to be more of a Relic, or gloppy. It had a very annoying rattle, as if the complete bottom of the car was falling out. It was such a disappointing experience. Needing transportation after the reception, my new bride and I were swept away in a true blue Cadillac Limousine. I remember how smooth and Luxurious it felt, it made our ride to the hotel like a carpet ride. It is funny that some things although right there, are not at first obvious.

So in this month of our anniversary, I am mindful of the importance of the actual day, but I am thrilled and amazed to know that this very special person who accepted my hand, is also my soul mate.