Abbott’s Limo supports the arts and the Colonial Theater is an excellent place to celebrate them. The theater puts together some amazing productions that everyone should take advantage of here in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. Pittsfield Ma. being a small city has a lot going for it as far as culture, so keep your eyes open for some of the awesome events coming in the future.

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Blue Oyster Cult not only survives 4 decades making music but delivering a more mature tight performance than ever. There have been allot of years since Hot Rails to Hell, The Red and the Black, The Reaper and Burning for You were produced in the early 70s but Blue Oyster Cult is still out there doing it with I believe more than 100 shows a year still. All bands go through changes for various reasons over the years but Eric Bloom and Donald Roeser seemed to be the keystones that held this great band together. Thinking about going in style Abbot’s Limo defiantly has the Limousine Bus warmed up for this one.

Tickets to Blue Oyster Cult at the Colonial Theater performance are $35 and $45 with various ways to get them, you can get details on the Colonial Theater website or by calling 413-997-4444

Defiantly following their unique path Blue Oyster Cult has been most recently phrased for their skill, maturity, and commitment to hold true to their sound and present Rock and Roll to us at its best. This is defiantly a do not miss event!