This the twelfth season for the Williamstown Film festival will be held over two weekends in October, the weekends of the 15th- 17th and the 21st- the 24th. Abbott’s Limo has a new limousine bus still available for a group venture to the event.

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This year the screen will be filled with 33 titles Like Some Like It Hot, Sunset Boulevard, Double Indemnity, The Apartment, The Space Between, Meet Monica Velour, Spellbound and Rocket Science to name a few.

The film festival starts at Images Cinema in Williamstown at 8:00pm on Friday, the 15th. The first film weekend winds down at Images on Sunday, the 17th with an 11:00am showing of Every Day, in which a superb cast of Liev Schreiber, Helen Hunt, Eddie Izzard, and also Brian Dennehy , who is actually expected to attend the event.

On the second weekend the film viewing will start on Thursday, the 21st at 8:00pm featuring The Perfect Host. This is just the first of many films on the schedule for the nets three days. The lineup has the widest range of film presented at the film festival yet. There is world class directing and acting in the categories of Comedy, drama, documentaries, animation and more.

Probably the highlight of the festival will be salute to screen legend Billy Wilder. This will be hosted by special guests Alec Baldwin and Robert Osborne. Abbott’s limo employees ate extremely excited about this event as you should be to. To arrive in comfort and luxury reserve your ride today at the Number One Limousine Service in the Berkshires Abbott’s Limousine.

To order tickets or discount Passes call (413) 458-9900 or go to Williamstown Film Festival.