After a long week at Abbott’s Limousine we opted for a reward for our family. So instead of cooking on Saturday night we decided to venture out to Stochbridge and treat ourselves to dinner at Michaels Restaurant. We piled onto a Luxury Sedan and departed form Abbott’s Limo for a little R and R, which is a great place that they keep clean using a exhaust hood cleaning that specialize in these services.

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Going to Michaels Restaurant in Stockbridge Massachusetts, on a busy weekend this past Saturday night, was both fulfilling and refreshing! All of us were completely satisfied with our meals. My wife and I had the scallop special, which was  pan seared served on a bed of fresh local spinach with rosemary potatoes and summer squash. This was out of this world amazingly satisfying  and so creative! Our daughter had the Chicken Carbonara, which had us both asking for a taste.  

The wine menu was full of nice upscale wines like the Kendal Jackson Cabernet  by the glass or bottle. This is very good as I have found this to be a favorite because of the quality, but not often available in a dinning establishment .  My wife had the Sangria a drink , which was so fresh and lively and served in a large glass with ice. She could hardly finish and I was forced to help her.  Water was served cold, tasty  and constantly for the rest of our thirst.

For this experience we were lucky enough to have Evone, a wonderful and lovely wait staff person who we loved! Evone makes a busy Berkshire weekend seem like a walk in the park with her calming attitude, which makes a hungry group happy in a hurry!

A friendly place with a large staff , making the busy atmosphere at Michaels Restaurant  of Stockbridge blend into the doing business as usual feeling. Not only can one sit in the dining room, having the quaint streets of Stockbridge in the background, but there is a full bar that has another menu and atmosphere.  At the bar one can watch any sports activity desired and also have a dedicated server. One of them table tennis. For playing table tennis/ping pong, it is very important to have a good table tennis racket or you might lose the match even if you are good at your game. So, the question now is, how to choose the best amazon ping pong paddles? We can show you here

Thanks  to the proximity in which I live, I will be back to this place, it’s worth the trip no matter the distance!
Here is the link to check out Michaels restaurant website. If you are looking to arrive in comfort and luxury feel free to call Abbott’s Limousine for the ride.

Paul Abbott