Now that the old rounded, full size, rear wheel drive Lincoln Town Car that has dominated the Limousine industry for more than a decade is no longer in production there is an alternative that seems to be gaining some popularity. Lincoln’s new MKT all-wheel drive sedan, well it’s really a crossover and this Lincoln comes in two versions the standard Livery version and the Limousine version that is stretchable up to 10 feet. The MKT Town Car features a higher roof line and an additional 1 and a half inches of additional leg room and if more leg room is requires there is a button on the rear side door to control the front passenger seat. The triple rear seat also reclines and the new Lincoln has more cargo room in the trunk. I see this as a total win, the only concern is if the all-wheel drive will hold up over time.

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When considering the transition from the iconic, rounded Lincoln Town Car that has been a mainstay in the limousine industry to the innovative Lincoln MKT, attention to detail becomes paramount. This includes not just the engineering and design aspects but also the finer elements that contribute to a luxurious ride. Car seat covers, like those crafted from neoprene, can offer a remarkable blend of comfort and durability that aligns seamlessly with the sophistication of the Lincoln MKT. These seat covers can provide more than just protection; they enhance the overall aesthetic and comfort of the interior while catering to the needs of both drivers and passengers. As the industry adapts to new alternatives, the inclusion of premium seat covers exemplifies a commitment to maintaining excellence, ensuring that the journey in the Lincoln MKT remains as elegant and comfortable as ever.[pinit] abbotts limo new mkt town car
To replace the old Lincoln Town Car to me is a bit questionable I don’t feel that you can replace such an iconic piece of history with the MKT, it’s hard to even call it a Town Car for me. Maybe if it had a trunk look on the back end, suicide doors, and an opera window for rear passengers that would make me think more Luxury Limo. To rent a luxury limo for any party or a hangout with our loved ones, visit site which provides a lot of options to make your day special and your loved ones happy. Possibly a couple fold down work stations with USB, 12 volt and 120 outlets, with a little wifi hot spot inside the car. The grill needs a rework, maybe make it oval and keep the headlights separate. These are just my personal opinion I’m sure that there are people that like the new look, and that’s great to. Maybe a bunch short trips to and from Pittsfield Airport would give us a better idea of what people thought about this Limo.[pinit] mkt lincoln town car limousine
All that aside Abbott’s Limousine and Livery Service has purchased an MKT Town Car for our fleet. You should make a request to be driven in the latest addition to our fleet, of course this depends on the availability of the new Town Car at the time you schedule your trip.
We would love for you to return and give us your honest opinion about this Limousine so we at Abbott’s Limousine and Livery Service can better accommodate your needs in the future.