The Berkshire Hills are alive with sustainable produce and all kinds of goods made from them. Farmers markets are everywhere in most of the Berkshire towns here in Massachusetts. In fact we should get some big warning banners on our Limousines that read “This Limo stops at all Farmers markets and roadside stands” and place them on all our Limos, Cars, and stand ahead

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While touring through the Berkshires of Massachusetts on back country roads our Limo drivers are meet with many hidden treasures and there seems to be an abundance of roadside stands offering wonderful organic local fruits and vegetables.

The time is ripe for planning your route through the towns of the Berkshires depending on what farm stands and markets you want to visit.

[pinit]October Mountain Farm Becket Some stands, such as October Mountain Farm in Becket near Yokum Pond Road still deal on the honor system and are open from 8 am to 10pm daily.

They also truck all their veggies and herbs on Saturdays to the Otis Farmers Market at the A and M Gulf, Papa’s Healthy Food and Fuel in East Otis Ma. Here they join many other local farmers and craft artists who can satisfy your hunger and interests. This would be an awesome place to restock the Camper, Limousine, Car, or Bike. Don’t forget to bring your healthy snacks when you go cycling.

Briddlewood Scottish ShortbreadWhile we were there we found some awesome unique local homemade shortbread from Briddlewood Scottish Shortbread in Hillsdale New York. This is a super high grade product with the best ingredients available. I believe the name Briddlewood may have something to do with some 30 Arabian horses found on the farm. Their shortbread is out of this world.

[pinit]Maple Corner Farm Maple Corner Farm from Granville, Ma features a wide selection of syrup, jams, jellies spaghetti sauces, and very creative tied dies tees, It kind of through me back to the Grateful Dead days. For vending machines in Adelaide go to

Tortured Orchard of North Egremont, Ma. has available some wild relish and sauces, some of the combinations people would never think of. They feature a grill to cook their sausage and peppers that smelled out of this world. If you’re even near East Otis and hungry on a Saturday morning this place would no doubt take care if your needs and more.

If you just go inside, the kitchen at L and M Healthy Cooking is busy and to graze from the selves of the convenience store is a treat in itself. Dave Conklin <strong srcset=East Otis Ma” width=”320″ height=”240″ data-opt-lazy-loaded=”true”> One extra treat is to witness nothing to do with food is the wood carving by Dave Conklin from East Otis. Here you can see all his terrific work. He had on display one of the most wonderful Black Bear carvings, a true masterpiece.

Dave Conklin Bear carving

In Stockbridge Mass, every Saturday and Sunday drive down Elm Street to the wooden Wagon of Larrywaug Brook Farm to purchase some flowers veggies and heirlooms.


Larrywaug Brook Farm

Saturdays from 1- 4 in Lenox Ma. At the Shakespeare there are many local farmers and Taft Farms with succulent foods and pies.

There are a few more farmers markets in the area that Abbott’s Limo frequents below.
Lee Massachusetts has a farmers market on Friday mornings at the Gazebo near the Lee P.O.

There is also a market on the Lee Turnpike rest stop eastbound 90 which can be accessed from Stockbridge road service entrance to the Mass Pike, and operates both Friday and Saturdays.

Great Barrington Massachusetts also has a very extensive farmers market at the Old Historic Train Station behind the Mahawie theater there from 9 to 1pm. We wrote about farmers market last year and were so impressed with the quantity and quality of the products we decided to make sure we include3d it this year.

Pittsfield’s Park Square Farmers Market is held on Saturdays.

There is also another North Street venue on the Third Thursday of the month somewhere on North Street.[pinit] roadside farm stand
Crissey road off Stockbridge road by the Berkshire South fitness center runs from 11 to 3pm. All these farmers are selling wonderful local herbs and vegetables that taste better and are less expensive than what is available in supermarkets because of the increased cost of transporting from California. Besides that there is a much better flavor and more than likely more nutritious.

For more information about Farmers Markets in the Berkshires check out the Local Food Guide to Berkshire County>
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