Four small town Angels, give in a big world way. On Saturday February 12th, the Limousine from Abbott’s carrying two gifted Humanitarian BMC nurses, and two remarkable teenagers will roll out of Lee, Ma, and head for J.F.K Airport.

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The Nurses; Tracy Martin and Maggie Browne, work daily in the ER at BMC, where giving of themselves is a daily occurrence. Having compassion soon brings them to embark on a trip of a life time. Check out A Broader View for more details. A Broader View Volunteer Corp features over 20 countries to volunteer in, and these great people chose Honduras. Tracy had been wanting to volunteer her service a few other times in Africa, but her dreams were crushed by the unsettling wars there. Maggie has wanted to go to to Honduras as her heart longs to help them. She has known about Honduras -as she has a lovely young lady- Melody, living under her wing. It just so happens, that Melody hails from that very orphanage in Honduras!

Melody Belle Morse, now 17 and wanting to give back, will join them along with Zachary Lorance, 14, Tracy’s very brave son. Melody and Zachary will spend their time at the orphanage helping the children while Tracy and Maggie’s days will be filled with giving vaccinations and working in the clinic.

They have loaded what little luggage they could bring with dollar store finds of hand sanitizer and aspirin and have spent the days leading up to their trip getting shots (not covered by insurance) and booking flights- all expenses coming from any generous donors or from their own pockets. Abbott’s Limousine is proud to be a part of this departure. Bon voyage!