Abbott’s Limo takes note that Governor Deval Patrick declares Pittsfield a state of emergency. The city receives over 30 inches of the white stuff. Savoy Ma. got blasted with 38 inches. Lenox, Lee, Stockbridge, Great Barrington, and surrounding towns came in close to 25 inches. Boston reportedly got as much as 40 inches in some surrounding areas.

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Getting around the Berkshire towns is now possible thanks to the snow removal efforts of State ,Town and Business Workers. Personally I got a great workout cleaning out our yard, cars, deck and roof. I cant imagine how challenging it would be to get another storm would be if getting one right now.

Getting our Limousine passengers back from the airports was all done thanks to our experienced chauffeurs, who braved the roads to get the trips completed safely. At times, having to barrel through snow drifts that were as high as the wheels on the vehicle. We had to take the car to Park City tire store to check the tires. Having an AWD as your Limousine becomes not only a blessing, but a necessity. At these times we are grateful that we live in an area that knows how and is equipped to make our roads not only passable, but safe and clear.

Activities this weekend in the Western Massachusetts, will include Skiing, but are enhanced by Orelton Farm’s Sleigh ride rally. This had been postponed last week because of lack of snow, now to be this weekend, held on their Stockbridge property. Bring it on!

Enjoy, and remember if you should need expert transportation to get you to your Destination, we have a Limousine or Limo bus for your every need, except of coarse, a sleigh! For that you must get to Orleton Farm at 11 am-3pm Sun Jan 16th. for the Colonial Carriage Driving Society.
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