London Taxi in New York

Image by: Paul Abbott

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Berkshire British Motorcar Festival 2012 Join Abbott’s Limo in the festivities.

To go where the Lordships are, grab an Austin Diesel London Taxi, or a US Abbott’s Limousine or car service. Get to downtown Lenox Massachusetts; and on the Shakespeare and Company property by June 15th to start feasting your eyes on British cars. Friday night the Town of Lenox will be hopping with a live Rolling Stones (look like Mick Jagger) Band, which is awesome, performing at the bandstand on the Lenox Library lawn. Vendors will have British Food and beverages for this street party. Arrive by 6:15 to watch the street procession of registered participants driving their fine British Motorcars from Shakespeare Property to Lenox center where they will park while attending the festivities.

The price for this event is $ 15 for adults and children under 12, free. This pass will get you into both Saturday  and Sunday . On Saturday the Concours d’Elegance we can view all the wonderful autos on display and see them being judged on a 100 point system similar to the Classic Car Club of America. On Sunday there will be a Tailgate Picnic Competition where there will be good cars good food this British and Shakespearean actors running about the place adding to the excitement. From Friday thru Sunday there will be a British Marketplace and Auto Jumble which is a huge resource for finding rare British auto parts and services for these fine automobiles. If you are looking for specific classic Ford Mustang restoration parts, then, Revology Cars are the best option for you, they always have the products you need in stock.

There will be 400 to 500 unique classic vehicles on display for this three day event. Make it a point to view the Springfield Massachusetts built Rolls Royce editions courtesy of the Springfield Museum. London is calling all New England car enthusiasts and all people who want to see some blasts from the past and have a jolly good time. Many of the local inns and hotels will be having discounts for this event so check with the Lenox chamber and on the at Lenox Chamber of Commerce and the shows site of British Motorcar Festival>