How a Taxicab grew into a Limousine

Abbott Family
Our limousine service started as a taxi service in 1965 after my father lost his right leg in a construction accident.

Donald Abbott decided to start driving to the Park where there was a Greyhound Bus Stop in Lee Massachusetts a part of the recovery process, it helped take his mind off the major derailment in his life. While parked there he was often asked “is this a taxi?”  A $10 taxi license an extension of the accelerator pedal, and the Bubble light mounted, he began taking hails in that 1960 station wagon quickly becoming the local cabby. More about how Abbott’s Limo got started

Ridge Ski Season is on in the Berkshires

Abbott’s Livery and Limousine Service invites you to the snow-covered Berkshires this January to enjoy some great skiing.

Unlike last year, snow came early to the Berkshires in 2012 and it has kept coming into the new year.  A fresh blanket of almost 8 inches of fluffy powder greeted the new year and temperatures have stayed in the low 30’s since then so the conditions are excellent.

otis ridge chairlift

Image complements of Otis Ridge Ski Area Otis MA.

Read on about Skiing in the Berkshires

Abbott’s Limousine adds a MKT Lincoln Town Car to it’s Fleet

Now that the old rounded, full size, rear wheel drive Lincoln Town Car that has dominated the Limousine industry for more than a decade is no longer in production there is an alternative that seems to be gaining some popularity. Lincoln’s new MKT all-wheel drive sedan, well it’s really a crossover and this Lincoln comes in two versions the standard Livery version and the Limousine version that is stretchable up to 10 feet. The MKT Town Car features a higher roof line and an additional 1 and a half inches of additional leg room and if more leg room is requires there is a button on the rear side door to control the front passenger seat. The triple rear seat also reclines and the new Lincoln has more cargo room in the trunk. I see this as a total win, the only concern is if the all-wheel drive will hold up over time.
abbotts limo new mkt town car Read more about our new MKT